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Jun 7 2012
Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque

Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque will forever be immortalized as the first restaurant to host a Beer & Pig “Meat up.”

What is a “Meat Up” you ask? Allow me to explain…

Every so often on this site we will pick an eatery (call our shot if you will) and instruct all those that are eager and inclined to convene on a pre-designated date and consume massive amounts of barbecue. There is great beauty in simplicity. And simply put, 50 plus people showed up at the front door of Carolina Brothers looking for some good Q.

The desire and urge to craft such an event led to the discovery and growing curiosity in Carolina Brothers, located in Ashburn, Virginia. We sought out a location with plenty of space, and placed a great amount emphasis of on outdoor seating to be able to accommodate a large group. With the ability to seat 40 comfortably outside and many more inside, CBBQ separated itself from smaller establishments, ready to exhibit their pork based dominance.

And with a set of smokers positioned directly outside the front door, and a whole hog being prepared by owner Danny Hurdle highlighting our entrance, dominate they did.

The flow of the business inside is also conducive to handling larger numbers, let alone small families and individuals. Over the counter style service expedites an already smooth operation, and provides a necessary ease that’s commonly associated with barbecue. Featured prominently as a stop on the Washington and Old Dominion trial, Carolina Brothers sees a steady flow of customers through the entire week. This is a very active lunch attraction, and caters excessively well to all patrons.

The menu is simple, there are a few choices of main dishes (save for whatever may be an added special given the day), and a standard array of accompanying sides. As a group, we had everything. It’s what we do. No coal was left unturned, no basin left un-emptied.

Frankly, the Pulled Pork sandwich exerted supremacy over the day. It’s a cornerstone of all Q and had the perfect balance of tangy vinegar and salt spices. While it is not a consistent menu item, the Beef Brisket BBQ sandwich was a huge hit across the board.

The ribs were done with a spicier rub. Depending on personal preference there were two predominant schools of thought on this matter: “these ribs are very good,” and “these ribs just changed my entire perspective on life and I plan on moving to Ashburn.” As consumers of fine BBQ we tend to be a bit extreme. I prefer to just say “passionate.”

To be fair, the hot dogs were adequate. Lives were not changed, but none were left unsatisfied by their choice of including a dog in the days take. Perhaps a way to expand their repertoire using materials already possessed in store at CBBQ would be smothering a hot dog in pulled pork. Any of the other Q would suffice, but this is a natural marriage of good and gooder, to create goodest.

The accompanying players of side dishes are a strong support group. The Dutch style potato and macaroni salad, classic Mac and cheese, baked beans, and coleslaw are staples of traditional BBQ. They will satiate even the most discerning of Q connoisseurs.

Add in cornbread, classic corner store snack items, a chest of packaged ice cream, homemade pies and cookies, and an expansive array of beverages (notice the bottled Cheerwine prominently displayed).

The meal price point is teetering on the edge of making it a steal. The quality of BBQ received at Carolina Brothers priced at that rate is tremendous, making fast food options all but irrelevant. Given, if you were interested in eating a piece of everything on the menu in one sitting as we did you may see a higher tab, and should be worn as a badge of honor. We are firm believers in “eating ALL the barbecue” when experiencing an establishment for the first time.

All in all, Carolina Brothers is an excellent restaurant, and they boast a terribly strong collection of barbecue. They greeted our larger group with great warmth and care. We recommend you make your way there if you’re looking for a solid summer style outing to be enhanced by great barbecue.


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