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Jun 7 2012
Pastry’s Corner

I found myself at Whole Foods the other day doing routine grocery shopping. I normally hang out in the freezer, dairy, and ethnic foods sections as those are prime real estate to meet single women. This is based on my true experience, and is not a gross exaggeration purposed to come across well.

During my normal migration to the baked goods isle I came across “Wholly Wholesome” Pumpkin Crumblettes.

Let me say this, I believe pumpkin is towards the top of the list of best flavors of all the times.

Cookies, ice cream, pie, bread, beer… all superior when infused with pumpkin. So selecting the Pumpkin Crumblettes was a no brainer for the first ever “Pastry Corner.”

These are basically little pumpkin muffins with a crumb topping. But what makes them great is the crumb topping has sunk into the batter during the baking process, so it is spread throughout the entire muffin.  There is a good crumb to muffin ratio.

As for the flavor, the pumpkin is not over powering and there is that great nutmeg/cinnamon flavor you expect from a pumpkin pastry.

Overall this is a great two bite treat, and moderation is a big challenge once you start snacking.

– “Pastry” Dan

One Response to “Pastry’s Corner”

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