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Jun 12 2012
Pastry’s Corner: Cherry Pudding Ring

This week I plan to bring even more pastry excitement than what was seen during last weeks debut.  I am well aware the first Pastry’s Corner was a big hit when the site launched. I have received multiple offers from major television networks (ever heard of OWN) to host my own 15 minute ultra late night pastry based talk-show.  However I have made a commitment to Beer & Pig and signed a contract my lawyers have described to me as “unbreakable.” So let’s talk Cherry Pudding Rings.

I have noticed these full sized pound cake-like pudding rings at Safeway in the past, but for whatever reason I never pulled the trigger. This time I went in determined and ready to be blown away.

Here’s a tip from your pal “Pastry Dan:” you don’t have to go to some fancy cupcake shop to get a good pastry.  That’s rookie.  These days most grocery stores have a pretty well stocked bakery department and Safeway is no exception.  Which leads back to the pudding ring; in this case I chose cherry but they also had blueberry, raspberry, lemon, apple, and cinnamon.  All looked great; but I love me some cherry pie!

The presentation looked great… but how would it taste?  Well I told myself that I was only going to eat a slice, but ultimately ate half the cake and all of my feelings.  That first bite came with some cherry, crumb, and glazed cake that was all heavenly.   The cake itself was very moist and soft, similar to pound cake but not as dense.  And get this, it’s not as sweet as it looks.  It does have a glaze but it’s not overpowering. It just brings everything together with a perfect balance of cake, cherry, and sweetness.

So the next time you are wandering around the Safeway bakery, don’t skip on the Pudding Ring cake like I have!

2 Responses to “Pastry’s Corner: Cherry Pudding Ring”

  1. @Joshacham says:

    I pick the wrong time of the year to go on a diet.

  2. Pastry Dan says:

    Luckily for you Josh they are available all year long