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Jun 18 2012
Pastry’s Corner: Orange Cream Dream

It’s rare that anything surprises me. That little twist at the end of the Sixth Sense? I knew Bruce Willis was pulling a Patrick Swayze the entire flick.

Here is where things get troublesome: 7-11 has a new Orange flavor/styled donut and I did not know about it.

Well 7-11, you threw one by Pastry Dan. Savor the flavor, cause it sure as hell won’t happen again.

Here is how they were able to catch me off-guard. First off, who could possibly foresee innovation and ingenuity from a 7-11 pastry case? They simply rarely show any forethought in the over the counter products they carry, and tend to lead towards a more practical and classic selection.

Not to mention Sheetz has been advertising an Orange Creamsicle donut for roughly the past 2 months. A donut, that may I say, have been quite the eager beaver to taste.  To imagine that 7-11 could be muscling in on the custom donut game that Sheetz has established would be cataclysmic to the realm of all pastry. I am being a bit over-dramatic here. But then again; Pastry is my life, and my life is Pastry. 

I had to find out for myself if this could be a new contender for regular consumption. I bought six, and hightailed it home.

First impressions: I noticed the topping is an orange icing (a style that normally can be easily found come October), however sans the actual Orange flavor. I can’t remember ever actually eating a donut with orange flavored icing.  Second, the topping is not crumbs or sprinkles. It looks to be more like chunks of crystallized sugar. Touche again 7-11; a topping I haven’t before seen on a donut. This is a brand new beast.

In the first bite I was floored. With an orange topping I expected the filling to follow suit. To my dismay: eclair. In full disclosure: Boston Cream/Eclairs are not my favorite.  In this case there was too much filling and it drowned out the orange flavor from the surrounding donut. Being the problem solver that I am, I scooped out some filling, thus bringing a nice flavor balance to the overall donut.  The little sugar chunks on top were not too crunchy, and were able to add some additional orange cream flavor.

It’s great to see 7-11 being innovative and offering more than just the standard glazed, chocolate, and sprinkled fare of old. I had to make my own modifications on this particular pastry, but I still was able to enjoy them. It’s going to be interesting to see how if Sheetz can counter with their Orange Creamsicle donut. Just know when it happens, Pastry Dan will be on the front line.

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