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Jun 23 2012
Pastry’s Corner: Orange Creamsicle Donut

It was just the other day that I was bemoaning the fact that Sheetz had been advertising the Orange Creamsicle for a good two months, and then 7-11 snuck in and struck first with the Orange Cream Dream doughnut.

But on yesterday morning I strolled into Sheetz (expecting again to be disappointed) when what shouled appear before mine very wondering eyes, but the Orange Creamsicle doughnut.  In a complete panic )and possibly equal parts rage and elation) I pushed past the clerk and grabbed the whole tray.  I threw a wad of cash at the poor girl  and ran out the store (laughing maniacally).  It’s probably not healthy to have that kind of reaction to a doughnutbut who the H are you to judge?  We all have our own vices.  I think she thought I was some pastry inspired super-villain.

I strolled into work triumphantly, puffing my chest and arms at each side. Everyone knew it was a special day. They saw the glimmer in my eye and were nearly blinded by the shine off my grin. I opened the bag and took a deep breath to get the initial smell.  Now, the smell of fresh doughnuts is hard to beat.  The addition of the orange essence was simply wonderful.  I’ve waited months for what came next… 

I’ll start with what should be the simplest part of the doughnut, but is easily messed up: the basic body of the doughnut.  For a gas station/convenience store they make a damned good doughnut.  Damned good!  The texture was very soft and possess a great consistency when chewing.  I did get these in the early morning so as would be expected, they were very fresh.  How fresh?  They make their doughnuts every night at the Sheetz Brothers Kitchen, a 140,00 square-foot facility located outside of Altoona, PA; and they deliver fresh batches every day.  I’m in-the-know, and their #1 fan.  I need a tour of this place.

So the texture is good, but what of the taste?

It’s fantastic and here’s why:  the orange flavor in the icing is just right.  I cannot over emphasize that enough. JUST-RIGHT! Not overpowering at all, but pairs perfectly with the cream filling.  While 7-11 went with the eclair, Sheetz when with a gloriously creamy white cake frosting filling.  This combination is perfect and it’s actually not overly sweet (at least not by my taste).  There are times I have eaten doughnuts and I immediately needed to brush my teeth because they were obnoxiously sweet.  Sheetz reels the sweetness in which is smart because it doesn’t stop you from eating a second (or eighth) doughnut.

Overall this doughnut may rest withing in my top 5, and in my opinion, stomps a mud-hole in the 7-11 Orange Cream Dream, and walks it dry.  Next time you see a Sheetz I insist you must try this doughnut .  I expect you won’t be disappointed.

Oh and get this: the next special Sheetz doughnut is a chocolate banana.  I’m going to enjoy the Orange Creamsicle as long as I possibly can, but with chocolate banana waiting in the wings it looks like for Pastry Dan business is about to pick up.

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