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Jun 29 2012
The Beer & Pigout Registration is Sunday

Just in case you have been living under a rock, we are here to remind you that The Beer & Pigout is rapidly approaching.  Since you aren’t as fresh as you could be right now, allow us to be your Old Spice Hair and Body Wash:

Join the Pork Patrol KDH Originals (that’s us) and the good people at Grand Slam BBQ for an afternoon of brine, swine and good times. 30 of of you will have the honor and  privilege to pay a mere 5 dollars of American tender and eat your faces off!  The location will be Fairfax, Virginia and we are operating under a bring your own soda policy. 

Red Solo Cups & coozies are required as it will be in public. We reccomend you go this route if you are in need of coozies.   There will also be giveaways, merchandise opportunities and lawn games galore! It will be a day of feasting and sport the likes of which you will never forget!!  Here is what you need to know now: July 15th? Be available. And Never Trust a Vegan

The rest of the event details can be located HERE, but I told you that story to tell you this one: Sunday is the day.  If you want to guarantee your place when history is made, meet us at The Auld Shebeen in Fairfax.  11am is the time and 3971 Chain Bridge Road  Fairfax, VA is the place.  The first 30 people to show up with a $5 US tender are in!  Please try to bring exact change.  If we fill all the slots? That’s it, so make sure you make it to The Shebeen if you want in on the Pigout.

For all the details on registration, catch up on the latest Hogcast

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