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Jun 17 2012
The B&P Hogcast: Cooler-side Chats with Justin Hawkins from Churchkey Can Company

Nostalgia is a big seller.  I am as guilty as anyone of being intrigued by things that look like they came from an early day.  A more simple time.  Like the time I lead an unruly band of misfits, armed with shovels and pitchforks into combat against a marauding, alien race.  We saved the world that day, so that people could continue to make beer.

Speaking of freedom and American heroes, I also remember my grandfather having empty cans of beer in his garage, opened with a church key.  It was a fond memory that I recalled when I saw a picture online of a new beer being released in the pacific northwest of these wonderful United States.  A beer that was resurrection the can of yesteryear. Churchkey Can Company.  From their official website:

For the first time in nearly 50 years, Churchkey Can Co. is bringing back the flat top steel beer can. Introduced in 1935, the flat top can – which must be opened with a tool called a churchkey – remained a standard until the pull-tab came to market in the mid-1960s. By the mid-1970s, the flat top can was all but a memory. We’re excited to offer this often forgotten beer experience once again.

 Full disclosure, I have not received as much as a free empty can from these people. I was just thoroughly intrigued by the notion and wanted to know more about how it came about.  Enter Justin Hawkins, the co-founder of Churchkey.  B&P had a chance to ask Justin about his beer cans, how they came to be and more importantly,  how does the beer taste that’s inside this home run throwback?  Have a listen and follow Churchkey on twitter.


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