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Aug 2 2012
Pastry’s Corner: Tastykake Lemon Cupcake


I’m not a pastry snob, far from it.  As long as there is flour, sugar, butter, and some icing then I’m good to go.  I don’t turn my nose up to big companies either, that’s un-American, so when I saw these new Tastykakes I had to give them a try.  Every so often Tastykake releases a limited edition snack, earlier this year they made a pancake Krimpet that was amazing but unfortunately for you, I horded all that I could find and lets just say there aren’t any left.  Right now there are two limited edition cupcakes out, red velvet and lemon.  I tried both and I really wasn’t impressed with the red velvet because it tastes just like their regular vanilla cupcake (ooh look, it’s red).  I need some pizazz and some red food coloring doesn’t cut it, but the lemon is another story.

The cake itself was the standard white cake that you’ll find in Krimpets, Juniors, and other cupcakes.  However, seasoned Tastykake connoisseurs know that their flavor lies in either the icing or the filling.  In this case that yellow line down the middle signifies lemon.  The flavor is smooth but a little too mellow,  you know it’s lemon, but it leaves you wanting a bigger kick and some tartness.  More icing is a good solution for this problem though and one of my favorite things about Tastykakes is the extra icing that hangs over the side of the cake.  In the second pack I ate there was a huge overhang of icing off the end of one of the cupcakes and it was fantastic.  I searched the rest of the box but alas, that was the one gem.

So if you like Tastykakes (and what red blooded American doesn’t) I suggest grabbing a box soon because they are damned tasty and there is no telling how much longer they will be out.

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