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Oct 15 2012
“Awe.” A review of Red Dragon Cheddar with Mustard Seed & Ale

There are a few things in this world we here at Beer & Pig are passionate about.  Freedom is one.  Women with thick haunches are another.  You wouldn’t travel too far down said list before encountering two  specific items.  Spicy mustard and a nice hunk of cheese.

Every once in a while, fortune shines on the wicked and your favorite things are combined by some mad genius.  Pickles & a deep fryer.  My foot and a cat’s ass.  These moments only come along once or twice in a lifetime. Red Dragon Cheese is one of those moments.

According to Gourmet Food Ideas, Red Dragon is a cow’s milk cheese with mustard seed and brown ale, rindless and wrapped in wax.  What it is, is a dichotomy of deliciousness. The sharp cheddar is perforated with the perfect amount of brown mustard seed.  The flavor is similar to that of a horseradish cheddar which naturally, we here at Beer & Pig are enormous fans of.

However, what helps this cheese stand apart from the crowd is the texture the mustard seed adds.  It’s neither abrasive nor gritty but unique! One also notices a hint of mustard in the finish that complements the sharpness of the cheddar perfectly.

Now look, I’ll level with you here.  I think “Medium” buffalo wings are the work of the Devil.  “Mild” salsa to me is a complete waste of carbon.  I need intense flavor, jack and I need it in droves. This cheese provides that.  Generally, I don’t concern myself with the matters of the weak palleted.  People like Pastry Dan, who think Cool Ranch Doritos are just a BIT too zesty.  Mild mannered is what you might call them.  Spineless  seems a bit more fitting.  I tell you that to tell you this:  Even these taste cowards, as I like to call them, will love this cheese.  It is in no way overpowering, but provocative enough to satisfy even the most complex palate.  For lack of a better term, it’s a true crowd pleaser.

Full disclosure, there was no attempt made to pair Red Dragon with food or drink.  I imagine it would go well with a smokey porter or a rosemary cracker, but that remains to be seen.  If you pick some up for yourself (we found ours at the Whole Foods in Fairfax), we would love for you to try out different combinations and let us know via comment how it went.  I give The Red Dragon 4.5 Beer & Pig Coozies out of 5.  Fear is not what you owe it.  You owe it awe.

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