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Oct 17 2012
Pastry’s Corner: Dunkin’ Donuts Oreo

I’m back!! Yes! The greatest name in baked goods has RETURNED!

It’s been a whirlwind few months for your favorite patriotic pastry patriarch.

I’ve been working as an on-set consultant for the latest season of Sons of Anarchy. Kurt Sutter is an old friend  (we met in the late 70’s in Middle School). Kurt was trying to go back to his roots with the writing for this season, and no root is stronger than the bond with Ol’ Daniel Pastry. And before you ask; yes, I did have full control over craft services.

After turning down an offer from FX for a spin-off, I really settled into a personal quest to find myself. And I definitely found myself. I found myself in very destructive relationships with managers and agents. I found myself waking up in strange beds all across LA. I found out that the powder on my nose wasn’t from donuts. I found out, this is not who I am.

I needed to be Pastry Dan again. For you, and for me. While getting my life straight, aimlessly driving around looking for signs, I stumbled into a Dunkin’ Donuts. I just needed a taste of what got me started. What I found was the catalyst for change. I found the Dunkin’ Donuts Oreo Donut.

Oreo dominates the world of Cookies. The Keebler Elves couldn’t achieve the kind of success Oreo has realized with three magic baking trees and a signed contract with the Devil himself. But really, who would want that?

The following is from the July 2nd press release via the Dunkin’ Donuts website:

OREO Donut – A yeast donut, filled with vanilla buttercreme, frosted in white icing and topped with OREO cookie crumble.

OREO Crumble Donut – A yeast ring donut frosted in white icing and topped with OREO cookie crumble.

It’s like a choir of angels are singing directly to me…

With the Oreo Donut, the vanilla butter-cream filling immediately stood out. Good, not great. Confusing times for me. It seemed too similar to the vanilla cream used in other Dunkin’ offerings. The crumble topping on both the filled and tradition Crumble Donut Ring still had a good consistency even after being baked on. After three of these (the 7 I ate after were merely for self enjoyment and not used for scientific purposes in any way) I came to understand the fundamental truth behind the unions of two GIANT names in snacking such as this…

Just like Oreo’s themselves – their strength lies in numbers. You need to crush a few to fully appreciate this donut. With the Oreo taste not being too overwhelming, the donut itself in it’s entirety is elevated. It’s not just a donut, and it certainly isn’t a cheap bakery cake with a few whole Oreo’s thrown on top. This is a very balanced union of Dunkin’ and Oreo.

It feels good to be back. I needed the love of donuts and the steadfast dedication of Oreo to bring me back to the solid and loving place I originally made a name for myself.

I didn’t know I may have hurt some people exploring other opportunities in my life until I read Chad’s article from earlier in the week. Apparently taking a step outside of HIS comfort zone is upsetting to Dukes, and caused him to lash out at me.

Mild? MILD? Really? How about a little insight for you: if you wanted me back here so badly you could’ve called ONCE. One hot call and I would’ve come back, if just even to support you. If you want to sink to these levels and taint and otherwise solid cheese blog with that open handed slap, so be it!

It’s different now. You need me, fella. NOT the other way around… and you know why.

Mic drop.

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