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Jan 9 2013
Los Chorizos Hermanos

How does one describe how their family came to be?

How does a man tell the story of his people?

How does one sing you the song of his forefathers, the way his forefathers intended?

Maybe the words of another, wiser man are the best way to convey the magnitude that is the inception of Los Chorizos Hermanos. Our story starts where most delicious stories do: South of the Border.

A generation ago, a stone tablet was found buried deep in the hills of Juarez, Mexico.  The people of that village spoke in hushed tones that this tablet foretold the coming of the most powerful unification of men this side of the Rio Grande.  A group that would contradict itself by inspiring fear & hope in the hearts of La Raza. The following is an excerpt from that sacred document:

“Okay, here’s the story. We come from the gutter. We know that. We got no education… but that’s okay. We know the street, and we’re making all the right connections. With the right Chorizo, there’s no stopping us. We could go right to the top.”

And so, Los Chorizos Hermanos came to be.  A force the world had never seen and would never seen again.  A tightly knit group of brothers obsessed with one purpose.  One common goal.  A singular reason for being. The consumption of spicy sausage and the shaming of those that don’t.

LCH will take you in. LCH will be your family, but don’t eat a salad in front of them.  Don’t unwrap a cucumber sandwich in front of them.  Don’t confuse kindness with weakness.

If you have a passion for the zestier things in life?  If you think a hot dog stand is as close to “El Cielo” that mortal man can get in this world? Stand with Los Chorizos Hermanos.  Stand for something, or fall for anything.  Estamos Los Chorizos Hermanos and this is our story…

To join the struggle, click here.

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