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Mar 19 2013
“It takes a Village.” A Review of Grafton Village 4 Year Aged Cheddar Cheese

Let’s face it.  Two things in this life are constant.

The first?  Cheese is the best thing in this world.  The second?  I’m in no way qualified to review cheese.  Now that we’re all on the same page (, let’s review some delicious cheese.

Like most people that shop at Wholefoods, I like to eat the cheese samples.  Usually in a drunken stooper after some high volume beers from the BAR they have located in the cheese department.  Unlike most people, I actually PAY for the cheese I like so I can take some home with me.  Admittedly, mine is not a sophisticated palate.  The more zest, the better.  Horseradish Cheese might be my favorite food on the planet.  It’s really great to melt down so you can soak your contacts in it.  I like to keep a nice chunk of horseradish cheddar in the front pocket of my dungarees for emergencies.  It works just like viagra.

4 Year Aged Cheddar

Within that context, it would make sense that last Saturday I was stumbling around the cheese department all boozed up, demanding their sharpest of cheeses be presented to me.  They asked me to leave…

So I came back the next day and bought The Grafton Cheddar 4 Year Aged Cheddar Cheese.  The word on the street was that it was twice as sharp as it’s 2 year aged counterpart.  The cheese is described thusly on Grafton Village’s official website

This outstanding cheddar has a pronounced, mature flavor, smooth finish, and a drier, crumbly texture that makes aged cheese lovers sing. 2006 World Cheese Award winner.

The scent of this cheddar is intoxicating.  I want to ask the cow that the milk came from to make this cheese if I have permission to date it’s daughter.  That doesn’t make any sense.  The point is, EVERYTHING about this cheese is appealing.

Don’t let the promise of “crumbly” texture be off putting.  It was very consistent.  The flavor is intense, but not as overpowering as you might assume.  If cheddar takes on it’s “sharper” characteristics when aged roughly 6-9 months, a cheddar aged for 4 years might seem daunting.  If by “daunting” you mean “arousing?”  Well then you’re spot on, jack!

The problem here is that I don’t have enough accolades to heap onto this cheese.  There are not enough adjectives in the english language to allow me to properly laud this hunk of curds and whey.  It should be stated thusly:  If you like intense, flavorful cheese, by a wheel of this stuff big enough to propel a riverboat.  If you hate flavor?  Well, there is always this.

I give Grafton Village 4 Year Aged Cheddar Cheese 4.5 Beer and Pig Coozies out of 5.  It’s a triumph.

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