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Mar 15 2013
“It was Love at First Sight:” Pretty in Pink by Lost Rhino Brewing Company

Drinking beer.  I don’t need many excuses to get it done.  Holidays, birthdays, weekends, sporting events, 9am.  Any of these are a viable excuse for this guy to slurp down a brew or eight.  Now, telling me I can tie one on AND raise awareness for breast cancer?  Well, that’s just about all the motivation I need to get out there and REALLY overindulge!

Most people that have read this site know that most of us are huge supporters of brewers/breweries housed within the great Commonwealth of Virginia.  Lost Rhino is one of the fastest growing brewing companies around.  They are known for their bold flavors and their willingness to try out new and original beer recipes.  Hit the jump for the rest of this masculine review of a very pink beer.

From their official facebook account:

The name Lost Rhino™ represents the strength and attitude of the rhinoceros. The five species of rhino each has its own distinct persona, ranging from laid back to aggressive. Our brews will also span a range of personalities from hoppy Pilsners to rich, malty IPAs.

“Rhino chasers” are big wave surfers on a continuous journey to find the next perfect wave. At Lost Rhino™, we are on a similar journey to create a continuing line of distinctive, enjoyable, memorable beers.

Hops.  They seem to generally be Lost Rhino’s weapon of choice and they are not scared to use them.  That is not necessarily the case with this unique offering.  “Pretty in Pink” is a Saison.  An ale with Pomegranate juice added and noble ambitions.  From the side of of the bottle itself:

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, four women from four breweries came together to craft a beer for hope. Using the finest malts, two strains of hops and Ardennes yeast, then adding flavor, aroma and hue with pomegranate juice, they produced a brisk Saison.

A nice story for a nice beer.  I have tried the beer from both the bomber (pictured to the right), and straight from the tap.  1 Pint & 6 Fluid AnnouncesWhile I must say the draught version is superior, both are a fairly refreshing beer drinking experience.  More suited for warmer temperatures, Pretty in Pink is tart, aromatic and refreshing.  It finishes better than it begins, with a pleasant fruity middle and very little after taste.  While I would never want to talk anyone out of a Bloody Mary,  this beer would pair tremendously with most brunch fare and is great for anyone that enjoys a nice morning beer.  And let’s be honest, if they are good enough for Jim Morrison and Willie Nelson, morning beer is good enough for us all.

I know what you’re thinking. WHERE can I get these fabulous products.  Well, that’s the gag. Chances are? You bought ’em all ready!  I know something else you are thinking. “Whoa, bro-dogg-dude!! Fruit in your beer?  What are you a girlsical?  I’ve taken 3 to 5 kick boxing courses off a Groupon! I’m not drinking no pink, fruity beer that might give people a clue as to what I’m REALLY looking for in my personal life!!”

Lighten up, Francis.  The pom is hardly overwhelming and in the right temperature and location, could be your best choice for an ice cold beer.  And if it helps more people care about getting rid of boob cancer?  Added bonus!  I give “Pretty in Pink” by Lost Rhino Brewing Company 3.5 Beer & Pig Coozies out of 5.  It’s worth your consideration.

Check out Lost Rhino online HERE.  Follow Lost Rhino on twitter HERE.  Follow Beer & Pig on twitter HERE.

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