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May 13 2013


Yeah. It’s STILL that big.

May 18th is a paltry few days away, and as I am sure you may have noticed – some changes have been made! Major note – ticket sales are being cut off THIS Friday at 11:59PM. Don’t miss out!

First off, there won’t be a wedding. There won’t even been an engagement.

To our knowledge, no one is getting hitched. I’d love to call it “unforeseen circumstances,” but we have learned that when we involve certain people – well, we expect to be let down. Those of you who were expecting to bear witness to all of love’s splendor, majesty, and grace; well – please accept our apologies. We all have to move on.

HOWEVER – being the fine purveyors of BBQ, booze, and backyard/weekend outdoor gaming  that we are – we have an amazing day planned.

Those of you who are competing in the Celebrity Disc Golf Invitational – please arrive at Burke Lake Park no later than 11:30am. This is a large tournament, and we will need time to get it fully organized. If you’re late – you’re boned. <smiley face>

If you are skipping the Disc Golf portion of the day – you can just meet us around 2pm at Ratcliffe Park and join in on the rest of the day!

Beverages of any kind will NOT be provided at all – we strongly recommend you pack a cooler, bring coozies or some red solo cups, and prepare accordingly. Feel free to toss a few over to, and tip one back with your hosts. <winky face>

There will be additional lawn game tournaments

This is going to be a looooong day and we strong recommend you take in as much of it as you can. Don’t leave early. If you feel it necessary – make overnight accomodations.

All of the details for the entire event are expanded upon below!

This isn’t the event that you needed. This is the event you DESERVE!

Things have been a little rough as of late: Hurricanes, floods, a 6 month long winter, Justin Beiber; enough is enough and it’s time for a change!

We thought, what could we possibly do to usher in the change of seasons and better tidings?

Disc Golf Tournament?

– Absolutely.

A Massive Beer & Pigout?

– Necessary.

A celebration of love and the unveiling of the newest power couple?!

– It’s… it’s just… it’s just so damn beautiful!


Lets talk details! (or just skip to the bottom to quickly reserve your spot)


MAY 18, 2013!

This is by far the biggest undertaking we have dedicated ourselves to since…the last one, and we are fully committed to making this the best. The best ever.

Well, until we do it again in a year or so.

Tickets will cost $20, and will be ALL INCLUSIVE!

Which means you’ll have total access to:

– the Disc Golf Tournament

– ancillary game tournaments

– the enormous Pig-Out feast after

– the FULL engagement pre-party

And throughout the later portion of the day there will be consistent, authentic Mariachi band entertainment!

I’m pretty sure we booked these exact guys.

Here’s our advice, BUY YOUR TICKETS early! 

The event starts at 11:30AM with the Celebrity Disc Golf Invitational at Burke Lake Park!

– Tee-off is at 12, so make sure if you intend to play you arrive on time!

– Teams of four will be assigned randomly by our panel of judges to insure a fair tournament.

– There will be trophy disc prizes for the Winning Team, Lowest Individual Score, and a very special trophy disc should there be a hole-in-one.

– ALL participants and attendees receive a custom made commemorative event specific prize!


Following the tournament: the Awards Ceremony & Champions Feast/Pig-Out will be at Ratcliffe Park starting at 2pm.

From there we will host  a Cornhole Tournament, Kanjam Tournament with unique prizes for both. There is just SO much happening all within one event!

Oh, here’s something special: our Pig-Out will be feature the returning champions of our FIRST Pig-Out: Grand Slam BBQ. The menu will be fully customized for us, all of our favorites cooked ON SITE in the way only Neil (from Grand Slam) can. Trust me, you want to party with this guy!


If we stopped there, it’d be a great day. We’re not stopping there.   – Cancelled. 

Immediately following the festivities, SURPRISE – a wedding!

The lovely Mr & Mrs Dan Pastry have agreed to share their nuptial bliss with us! There will be speeches PLUS a ceremony. Gifts are not necessary because, well neither of them have actually agreed as per the traditional definition of agree.

But it’s happening!!! 

You REALLY cannot miss this.

Dress for the day, not the affair. However coming in character will be HIGHLY encouraged. Check out the HOGCAST for the full run down, and comment below and/or on the Facebook Event page to stake your claim!

We’ll get a list up as soon as possible.


The Final Breakdown:

Tickets are $20 per person, and include EVERYTHING.

If you choose to abstain from any portion, unfortunately there is no difference in price. This is also a all sales are final situation. Sorry folks, there are no refunds for something as awesome as this!

On the day of, you can check in with the Hot Dog.

Confused? There will be a dude dressed as a Hot Dog – easy to spot – who will handle your admission!

Often people wish to support us monetarily even though they are not attending. This is incredibly nice and thoughtful. If that is your desire, we have set up an ARBITRARY DONATIONS TAB in efforts to keep actual ticket sales separate.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to put them in the comments below, in our facebook group, or send them through on twitter.

There are only 100 tickets available, once we cap out all sales links will come down!


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