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Jun 5 2013
The B&P Hogcast: Cooler-side Chats with the creator of Low Tide Toss, Dan Johnson


Here’s a quick history lesson for you: when the Declaration of Independence was being scribed, there was a large kerfuffle over the concept of inalienable rights. Little known fact, while some were championing values such as Life, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity; Lil’ Benny Franklin (as he was commonly known) proclaimed “I want to drink booze and play leisure sports on the beach.”*

After some quick negotiations and a few re-writes we ended up with the slight deviation of Pursuit of Happiness. This is often referred to as the First Great Compromise in American Government.*

(*no citations necessary)

Being an ardent student of History, and hailing from Liberty City-Philadelphia, Dan Johnson has accepted his birthright as the driving force behind Low Tide Toss.

The beach game dubbed Low Tide Toss was first created by cousins George M. Johnson, Jr & Hughie Gallagher in the 70’s along the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Both the eldest male cousins of two large Irish families with many youngsters to manage, they set out to think of a beach game that both the adults and kids could play together. The two lads used the influences of their favorite sports, which included Golf, Baseball, & Basketball, dug two holes in the sand a short distance apart and attempted to toss a softball into the opponents goal. Thus, the beach game was born…

Yes it was. We were very excited to be able to speak with Dan about the Low Tide Toss project, it’s deeper origins, and the whirlwind Kickstarter campaign that will bring this game to a coast-line near you.

If you would like to purchase or follow the production of this great game, you can check their website, Twitter, or the Kickstarter page.

We were very excited to be able to speak with Dan regarding Low Tide Toss, which you can listen to below, and you can see Low Tide Toss in all it’s glory after the cut!

Curiously enough, Dan sent us some video footage of the moment he decided to market and produce LTT.


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