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Jun 26 2013
Curmudgeon Old Ale by Founders Brewing Co.

Dan Steinberg knows a thing or nineteen about blogging. He has covered all things regarding the Washington DC Sports scene (plus a Spelling Bee here or there), and has been doing so for the Washington Post since 2001.  Forget all that; this man is an innovator. During his formative years Dan spent 18 months in the Cheese department of a Whole Foods – and parlayed that into world class Cheese driven coverage & commentary from the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy. We are incredibly proud of this association! 

Sometimes I like to buy beer from Costco; because you can get 24 bottles for the price of maybe two craft beers at an awful new bar on 14th Street, and it feels good to get drunk on the cheap once in a while. This means I’m a big fan of the Taste of Mexico case, which means I’ve been drinking Sol for much of the last month.

Now, Sol might be the dingiest beer I would pay to drink. It tastes like a combination of Bud Light and pond water, with a dash of urine thrown in for good luck. But I still say it’s an appropriate beer to drink around now, when five steps during the mid-afternoon heat leave your shoulders moist and your waist damp and your brain feeling like you’ve been locked in the YMCA sauna with a few 400-pound men, a heat lamp and a box of decaying cream cheese.

The point is, summer in D.C. is a time for light and refreshing beers. But I couldn’t very well write about light and refreshing beers here. So instead I’m writing about possibly the worst D.C. summer beer of all time.


It’s called Curmudgeon, and it’s made by Founder’s  Brewing Co., one of the many fantastic craft operations in the Southwest quadrant of Michigan. That company’s Red’s Rye PA is probably one of my 10 favorite beers in the world, and their Breakfast Stout isn’t far behind.

So when my beer club gave me two bottles of Founder’s Curmudgeon Old Ale this month, I was anxious to try it. (My beer club is run through Rodman’s, the classic old D.C. variety store on upper Wisconsin Ave. They have one of the best beer departments in the city, and their new beer club gives you 12 bottles a month, plus a subscription to Beer Advocate and a bunch of glassware.)

Anyhow, imagine the polar opposite of Sol – Curmudgeon is sweet and malty and warming. It’s brewed with molasses, and aged in oak. It’s 9.8 percent abv, which means it will have you snoring on the floor by the end of the night. It’s a malt bomb on top of a malt bomb, the kind of brew that makes you literally lick your lips after each sip. It’s toffee in a pint glass. It tastes like an oatmeal cream pie, blended into liquid, spiked with booze, and soaked in magic.

And, again, it’s the worst beer in the world you could drink in 95 degree heat and stifling humidity. The brewery calls it a March-April seasonal, and I can see it being a perfect dessert drink during those chilly months in Michigan. Some aged cheese, some pecan pie, and one or four of these ales, and then you could fall into an easy chair, dreaming of happiness.

But hey, good beer is good beer. And this is good beer. Buy some if you see it, save it for November, and break it out after dinner. In the meantime, Costco has some great deals on Corona.

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