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Jun 9 2013
The B&P Hogcast: Beers of the Round Table

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Long have we been searching for the opportunity to sit amongst our friends and wax prophetic about snooty beers.

Unfortunately, the last time we did this the audio was ruined because the people over at the Public Library were all “offended” and kept yelling outrageous things like “put your shirt back on,” and “no-no-please not on the card catalog.” Excuse me, but if you didn’t want us drinking in there, why wasn’t there some kind of sign? Stop making us guess all the time.

For the first recorded incarnation of Beers of the Roundtable, we were joined by B&P site author Brian Crane; local purveyor of fine cheese and booze’s, Bryan – from Oakton Wine Shop; the wildcard Casey Dukes; all accompanying our venerable host, Chad Dukes.

Hit the jump for a full listing of the beers sampled, including the video of the taping.

Double spoiler alert; 1 – the ratings each Beer received are included below, 2 – the video includes very tasteful scenes of a partially clothed Puerto Rican wielding a jungle blade.

Casey Dukes: Founders – All Day IPA, 3.875

Chad Dukes: Great Lakes – Loch Ness, 3.625

Sammy Dreamer: Devil’s Backbone – Azrael, 3.375

Angel Del Rio: Kona – Wailua Wheat, 3.0

Brian Crane: Elysian Brewing Co. – Superfuzz Blood Orange, 3.0

Bryan from Oakton Wineshop: Still Water Artisan Ales – Cellar Door, 2.25

Brian “Screwlack’ Kulak: Troeg – Troeginator Doppelbock, 1.75

Louis Tully: Unita – Skipping Stone Summer Lager, 1.625

Steve “TreeTrunk” Snowman: Four in Hand – IPA, 1.25


2 Responses to “The B&P Hogcast: Beers of the Round Table”

  1. @Joshacham says:

    Great show guys, enjoyed watching it and I hope there’s more to come with Beers of the Roundtable.

  2. Jeremy Rhoten says:

    Great episode, love the knowledge that you had there and can not wait for another Beers of the Round Table!