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Jun 12 2013
The B&P Hogcast: Cooler-side Chats with Jesse Langlais, Lead Banjo of Town Mountain

If you haven’t noticed, lately there has been a large resurgence in bluegrass style bands becoming popular again.

Then again, if you simply didn’t notice this – there is a really strong chance you are what we affectionately refer to as a “dummy.” There are probably a lot of things we need to go over with you. No, snap bracelets aren’t cool again – and stop chewing on your pencil eraser.

Music with instruments is really catching on (who knew), and we were ecstatic to get the chance to speak with Jesse Langlais of Town Mountain about life, love, and just a dab of current events and politics.

Did you buy into that last bit? Hope not. We spoke exclusively about banjo, bluegrass, and booze. Alliteration at it’s finest. Jesse was also kind enough to give us some of his thoughts on some fine craft brews.

North Carolina’s, Town Mountain, is touring around their fourth album, Leave the Bottle…Based in Asheville, NC, Town Mountain is Robert Greer on vocals and guitar, Jesse Langlais on banjo and vocals, Phil Barker on mandolin and vocals, Bobby Britt on fiddle, and Jake Hopping on upright bass…Leave the Bottle effortlessly covers a wide array of styles in the string band spectrum featuring the stellar in-house songwriting that has become the band’s trademark.

We’re going to see Jesse and the rest of Town Mountain LIVE at Fairfax County Summer Series Concert July 12th, until then you can catch our Cooler-side Chat below, along with a few of our favorite Town Mountain tracks, PLUS the free song download


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