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Jul 4 2013
The Beer & Pig Hogcast: Cooler-side chats with Kevin Russell of Shinyribs & the Gourds

You may be noticing a theme developing on the site; we like to chat with incredibly talented and gifted people who share a similar mindset to our own. And we try really really super hard not to gush and fall to pieces during these talks.

Unfortunately this time around we can bring you a healthy dose of the former, and just none of the latter.

Kevin Russell is a rare breed. He realized significant success in one band, but felt his own limitations…

Shinyribs is the musical wanderings of Kevin Russell from The Gourds. Russell has always been a prolific songwriter and performer. Shinyribs is the necessary out growth of this. Russell did the math over the last 18 years and figured out pretty dang quick that he would never be able to include all of his songs or even most of his songs in the shows and recordings of The Gourds. Plus he is seeking to stretch out as a performer and band leader.

We are very grateful for the insights Kevin brought us regarding his music, similar (and some not so similar) genres, the life of touring bands, as well as the Austin music scene, and so much more.

You can check out Shinyribs on their website, and on this feature page. Also follow Kev on Twitter, and check out a few of our favorite Shinyribs tracks below the cut.

… And I know what you’re thinking; we actually have yet to invite Kev to spend Thanksgiving with us. I mean, we’re going to. We’re just playing it cool for now. But a save-the-date is being fired off come Monday. Chad Dukes has even requested that one of Kevin’s songs be played as his funeral dirge. But, you know…whatevs.


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