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Oct 31 2013
Better Living Through Growler Technology

The Growler, the preferred method of transporting your favorite craft beer home from your local brewpub or brewery are like Hansel, so hot right now.  However, if you’re taking a glass growler to a gathering to get fall-down, black-out, asleep on top of a horse drunk, keeping the delicious liquid inside cold without the aid of a cooler and shielding it from light spoilage can be prohibitive issues.

The world’s first insulated, threadless growler from MiiR is the solution.  Through an Amazon Payments, Kickstarter-like program, you can back the project by pre-ordering through November 30th and be among the first to experience the MiiR Growler in February of 2014.  The 64oz stainless steel growler features a wire swing top lid to prevent leaks, double wall vacuum insulation to keep your brew cold for 24+ hours, a bomb proof powder coat, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  If keeping the beer fresher than a normal growler wasn’t enough, for each MiiR Growler purchased, profits will go to providing clean water in nations in need.

Donation levels still available range from: $59 for a Growler, $79 for a Growler & 4 pint cups, $99 for a 2 Pack of Growlers, and $210 for a 4 Pack of Growlers.  There are also packages for wholesale resellers that  start at  $348  for 12 Growlers ($29/unit) and extend into the thousands.


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