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Oct 13 2013
If you prefer it in the can, there’s a glass for that.

Take in in the can.

Beer. It’s great, right? You know what makes it better? Not having to deal with that luke warm, half ounce of slimy beer substance in the bottom of a glass bottle. No matter how fast you drink it (and believe me, we drink fast ’round there parts), brown glass bottles leave that last swig of suds all warm and not good. We here at Beer & Pig prefer it in the can all day, everyday. That’s why we are happy that others seem to share our passion for getting it in the can, early and often.

Enter the good people at Craft Cans.  They love it in the can so much they made a glass that looks like a can, so even if you pour your beer in a can out of the can it will still kind of look like it’s in the can.  Get it? Good.  Either way, send us a set, boys.   These things looks bad ass.

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