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Oct 16 2013
Music with Instruments: Blackberry Smoke


Blackberry Smoke.  They used to be a really good band that I loved that deserved way more recognition.  Now they are a really good band that I love that has completely blown up, goes on the Tonight Show and sells out massive venues all over the country.  Well done boys.  Blackberry Smoke has proven that Taylor Swift & Lady Antebellum is NOT the only thing out there for those of us that like our rock a little country and our country a little rock.  Good music still exists.

The boys are playing the Fillmore in Silver Spring, a venue of note.  I’m going  and so is everyone from Beer & Pig.  You have two options if you are a fan of music with instruments: Get your ass to the Smoke Show or get your ass to Mars.  Turn the volume all the way up on your shitty 4 year old laptop and hit the jump, Brothers & Sisters.

Follow Blackberry Smoke on twitter & tell them we love them.  Buy tickets to the show HERE.

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