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Oct 11 2013
The Beer & Pig Hogcast: Autumn Edition


In this edition of the Beer & Pig Hogcast, The Brothers Dukes- Chad Dukes & Casey Dukes, Big Rig Craig, Dick Smokehand, and Dan Pastry host a roundtable discussion about the finest season of the year, Autumn.

The boys taste a cornucopia of autumn and pumpkin themed products and discuss everything that makes the fall season great.

Have a listen below, share it with a friend, and don’t forget to buy a truckload of our new camouflage Beer & Pig¬†t-shirts, sweatshirts, and coozies. It helps keep the lights on.

Always remember, never forget: Never Trust a Vegan.


One Response to “The Beer & Pig Hogcast: Autumn Edition”

  1. Down with Vegans says:

    Good show, thanks Dukes. More Casey and Pastry, less Big Rig Craig and Dick Smokehand. they stink and bring nothing but a southern accent and bad inside jokes, respectively.