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Oct 1 2013
The Best Merchandise Ever.

The Best Sweatshirt

Autumn is upon us. You’re going to need appropriate attire. That’s where we step in. Beer & Pig has stepped up to the plate with new t-shirts, sweatshirts, and coozies that keep your hand warm & your beer cold.  What if you’re in a tree stand, drinking heavily, loading your compound bow up with a smoked turkey leg, waiting to double lung a yeti? It gets chilly up there!

Seriously though, camo is America’s away colors and there is not enough of it in your wardrobe.  To fix that, we have provided you several options.  Your best course of action? Buy several of each item just incase one of your deadbeat friends steals your B&P shirt while he is rifling though your possessions looking for loose change to score meth with.

You KNOW you’re going to need 2 hoodies and we ALL know why! Every time that chick you’re trying to bang is hanging around? You know, the one that’s always cold? Hell, they’re ALL always cold.  That one chick that you let borrow your sweatshirt because you mistakenly think it is a symbol that you’re closer to some sort of intimate relationship? But really she’s just cold so she “borrows” your sweatshirt, never gives it back and you’re left sitting alone in your basement, surrounded by empty taco bell wrappers and MGD cans?  THAT girl?!! We all know that girl and why won’t she LOVE US!???

Anyway, buy all the shirts & buy 10 coozies.  This site ain’t gonna pay for itself. Thanks to our pals Busstees & Brian Crane for making us look good. Click HERE to get your shirt today!

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