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Oct 21 2013
The Homemade Pumpkin Keg

506aefded9127e30e4001496._w.540_h.600_s.fit_Looking to take the consumption of your favorite pumpkin brew up a notch?  Need a cool idea for your Oktoberfest, Halloween, or Thanksgiving celebration?  Or do you just like drinking beer out of unconventional objects?

Enter the homemade Pumpkin Keg.  The folks at Celebrations, a party planning website, have a great tutorial on creating your own beer tap made from a pumpkin. Sure you could carve a wacky face into your pumpkin like a noob or you could make better use of that hollowed out, versatile, giant squash by turning it into a makeshift beer keg.

The best part it’s surprisingly simple.  The only supplies needed are a Pumpkin, a carving kit or knife, a marker, a tap, and a ton of your favorite fall beer.

Check out the Celebrations site for the full tutorial, but once you’ve cleaned out the pumpkin, installing the spigot and filing it with beer gives you something to do while you roast the pumpkin seeds. That’s what the pros call a win-win.

In researching this idea, I’ve seen a lot of nancies complaining about, “what if your beer gets warm and flat” or “what if pumpkin pulp gets in the beer?”  Get a hold of yourselves.  We’re men. We can handle it.  If your beer gets warm in this thing, then you aren’t drinking it fast enough. Hell, pour it into a chilled Craft Can and you’re cooking with gas!  Or getting fall down drunk on beer from a pumpkin, whatever.

One Response to “The Homemade Pumpkin Keg”

  1. Slap Traxwell says:

    Unfortunately the big jack-o-lantern type gourds most people think of when they think “pumpkin” are not the variety of pumpkin used to flavor beers, pies, or as a foodstuff on its own (other than the seeds which are delicious). So while the concept is fun and all, you’re most likely going to get a beer that tastes like the inedible gourd it was poured out of. So be sure to drink fast to minimize flatness, warmth, and horrible flavor infusion. Other than that, looks awesome.