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Nov 4 2013
This Saturday! Beer & Pig presents “Bluegrass, Beers & Brats” at Whole Foods in Fair Lakes, VA



It’s almost here, Saturday, November 9th 2013.  That will be the date of Beer & Pig’s first ever rendition of “Bluegrass, Beers & Brats,” or as I have taken to calling it: the best idea since our last idea.  You don’t want to miss this because it’s going to be BIG.  RSVP now over on the book of faces and let us know you’re coming out!

Join us from 12-3pm on the outdoor patio in front of the Whole Foods in Fair Lakes, Virginia for an afternoon of delicious beers, tubed meats and music with instruments.  Whole Foods will be grilling beer soaked bratwurst on location, serving delicious craft beer and more!   Everything will be very fairly priced, but the event itself is FREE!

BPSignFirst, up the Beer.  Whole Foods will be providing an impressive menu of craft beers for the occasion.

-Parkway Get Bent Mountain IPA 
-Blue Mountain Lights Out Holiday Ale 
-Blue Mountain Steel Wheels
-Devils Backbone Vienna Lager

Next up? The grub. In addition to in-house brats with sauerkraut, Whole Foods with be cooking up a great food menu that will have you counting the hours until Saturday.

-Made in-house Brats w/ sauerkraut
-In-house Smoked Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich
-Roadkill Smoked Brisket Chili w/ Jalapeño Cheese Corn Bread
-Possum Pie aka Shephards Pie
-1/2 dozen Oysters
-Oyster Shooters
-Mini Apple Pies
-Hot Cider w/ Optional Mead Shot

Finally, there’s still the matter of the Bluegrass!  Virginia’s own “Short Hill Mountain Boys” will be providing the music.  I’ve seen them in person, trust me, they rule.  Also, there will be prizes!

Let us all gather in this, the most glorious season of them all, stuff our faces, get all boozy and listen to music that deserves to be heard.   This is America.  This is what we do.

Don’t forget to RSVP now and let us know you’re coming out!

Oh, and make sure you’re dressed appropriately so we can keep doing cool stuff like this. Kisses.

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