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Dec 18 2013
Mini Keg Coozies! Beer Inside Kegs!

HT: FoodBeast

Coozies! They keep your hand warm and your beer cold.  What’s not to like?  Of course, we are partial to THESE coozies, but  mini keg coozies bring a new spin to an old favorite.  Although 12 bucks seems a little steep, these would must assuredly please any alcoholic on your late Christmas gift list.  Described as thusly from their amazon page:

Can Koozies Set of 2 – Kegzie Beer Keg Holder for Your Aluminum Soda Pop Can Chiller – Great Gift Item or Stocking Stuffer – Sturdy Foam Insulated Outdoor Beverage Cooler Sleeve Great for Tiny Kegger Party Drinks

TINY KEGGER PARTIES!  Man. I wonder if that means they include tiny bro-doggs punching each other silly while tiny college girls are given GHB upstairs by the tiny bro-doggs fraternity brothers?! Turn on the tiny foam machine, bro!  Anyhoo, buy your own set of Mini Keg Coozies HERE.

HT: FoodBeast.

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