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Jan 29 2014
Pastry’s Corner: The Croissant Donut

croissant donutThe croissant donut, if you’ve paid attention to pastry related news you’ve no doubt heard about this hybrid concoction that combines the flakiness of a croissant and the sweetness of a donut.  (Author’s note: Cronut is trademarked by the inventor, so that’s the last time I’ll use the term to avoid any pastry related lawsuits.)  I’m a donut connoisseur, so a new spin on the perfect pastry is a hard thing to pass up.  On one of my weekly Pastry Patrols through the bakery section of my local Safeway (don’t judge, grocery stores often have great bakeries and they are convenient places to grab donuts) and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a glorious display showcasing croissant donuts.  They had two varieties- glazed and cinnamon-sugar.  Naturally, I grabbed both styles because I’m a journalist dammit, and the complete croissant donut story must be told.

cronut 2At first bite the croissant donut did not blow me away, but then it hit me: how great is a fresh and warm Krispy Kreme?  Thinking on my feet, I threw the croissant donut into the microwave for 10 seconds and BAM, a whole new experience. Look at the picture to the right, see all those little pockets of air?  Those are layers of dough and between each of those layers is butter. After warming the donut, all that butter remelts and you get a buttery soft, sweet pillow of deliciousness the likes of which you’ve never experienced.  This thing just melts in your mouth.  I cannot recommend these enough and I’d love to try them fresh out of the fryer.  Maybe I’ll have to start stalking the bakery ladies to get some fryer intel. Between the two types of croissant donuts Safewway offered, I found the glazed  to be superior to the cinnamon sugar; the glaze provided a better cover while the cinnamon-sugar tended to fall off.

So the moral of the story here: get you’re ass to Safeway and grab some croissant donuts.  You can pick these up at the price point of $5 for a 4 pack, a bargain at twice the price, and  is not bad considering the croissant donuts you read about in NY are $5 a piece.  Grab a box, throw them in the microwave for a bit, and get ready for a bite of heaven.

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