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Apr 21 2014
Reader Submission: The Best of Two Worlds- Jalapeño Poppers

Editors Note: Thanks to Beer & Pig reader Billy Hanley for submitting this comparison and critique of two different styles of Jalapeño Poppers from two local Virginia establishments: hot and savory from Cowboy Café and sweet and flavorful from the Q Company.  Enjoy! 

An instant go to appetizer for me will always be the jalapeño popper.  However, with this appetizer there has always been big controversy, down to the type of cheese, breaded or un-breaded, bacon wrapped or bacon stuffed.  For me, the one question I always ask is, “Are they hot or sweet?”


Love the Heat- Cowboy Café:

If you would prefer the melt your face hot and savory popper;  The Cowboy Café in Arlington, VA has the hottest most delicious poppers I have ever tried.

Cowboy Café takes a full pepper and injects it with cream cheese then frys the entire thing, stem and all.  Without pitting the jalapeño the capsaicin level stays as high as possible.  Asthmatics be warned, I have seen these hot little bad boys bring on coughing fits and take men to their knees.  This is one of the tastiest and hottest poppers I have ever had and a go-to whenever we have enough people to share.  One plate is too much for this guy to tackle alone.


QCoCrave the Sweet-The Q Company:

Some people are not fans of the heat, and prefer the flavor of a jalapeño without being burned by the awesomeness.  If this your go to then you should swing into The Q Company in Leesburg, VA. Their bacon wrapped poppers are such an amazing way to gear up for incredible BBQ.

The Q Company has crushed the competition when it comes to the sweet and flavorful Jalapeño Popper.  They are halved and cleaned before being stuffed, with a cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.  These baked canoes of awesome are packed with flavor and unlike the other type get a plate for yourself, you won’t want to share.

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