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May 21 2014
This is a Backpack Cooler Chair. All other chairs deemed irrelevant.

backpack_cooler_chairSitting.  It’s better than standing.  And you never know when you’ll be standing and realize that it would be better to take a seat.  With hundreds of crappy, portable chairs available at every sporting goods or beach shop, one has to be careful one is not buying a chair that is incapable of also enabling your drinking problem.  Enter this beauty to the right.

With a detachable cooler that holds up to 24 cold, adult beverages, flip out table with beverage holder with a padded seat & back for your fat ass, THIS chair has all of your vices covered.

While your dumbass friend is snapping 20-dollar beach chair after 20-dollar beach chair, you’ll be comfortably sitting and binge drinking at your favorite beach or camping location.

You can purchase your backpack cooler chair on Hammacher’s website.  At 140 clams, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but you’ll be drunk & lazy on the beach.  You can’t put a price on that now, can you?  While you’re on the site, you might as well pick up a flying bicycle or a fire-breathing dragon.  Summer is only here for so long.

One Response to “This is a Backpack Cooler Chair. All other chairs deemed irrelevant.”

  1. Goat says:

    As an old friend of mine once said: “Sittin’ down is where it’s at.”

    This chair just made “it” mean a whole lot more.