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May 27 2014
Reader Submission: Now You Can Cook EVERYTHING on the Grill

Stok Quattro pizza _ skillet

Editors Note: Disappointed with your grill after the Memorial Day Holiday?  If you’re looking to upgrade, Beer & Pig reader Billy Hanley has submitted this article on a sweet grill that you may want to consider. Enjoy! 

Grilling season, also known as Beer & Pig season, is here and as the days get longer cooking outside is more and more of a must.  If you are like me you have been yelled at many times for using pans or other cook wear on the grill. However, if I am cooking steak and eggs letting one get cold while the other cooks is not an option, and I am not running back and forth.  Finally the geniuses at STōK have come to the rescue.

The STōK Quattro is a four burner grill with interchangeable grill inserts.  The grill insert system allows you to change half of your grill into a skillet, smoker/infuser, & kabob & rib rack.  They even have a chicken roaster insert that you can fill with The Maneuver and make your chicken taste the way it was intended to taste all these years.

Go to the site and check out the Quattro and the full line of inserts so you never have to go back inside and cook while grilling ever again.  Then go to The Big O and Dukes Amazon tab order one and have it delivered to your door.

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