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May 17 2014
The Beer Blizzard

Editors Note: Our pal and Beer & Pig reader Billy Hanley is back with another innovation in keeping your beer nice and cold. Check out his previous article on Jalapeno Poppers HERE . Enjoy!

Since the dawn of time or at least since the first beer was brewed man has tried different ways to keep it cold as he sipped it on a hot day. The coozie was the greatest way to keep your frothy elixir cold for a short period of time until now.

Introducing the Beer Blizzard, a reusable ice cube molded to fit on the bottom of your can or bottle. According to the company when placed at the bottom of any beer coozie or used alone as a coaster, your beer will actually get colder as you drink it. Beer Blizzards on average work throughout three beers icy cold before needing to be refrozen.

Costing much less than previous products with similar claims the BeerBlizzard can be purchased currently through a Kickstarter Campaign until Monday, Jun 9 2014 10:48 AM EDT . The best part is they will fit in your Beer&Pig coozies.

Rewards range from $13(after shipping) for 3 Beer Blizzard cubes and a coozie, $25(after shipping) for 6 Beer Blizzard cubes, 2 coozies, and 1 Beer Blizzard T-Shirt size XL (they know the truth), to more expensive sets with cooler bags, stadium chairs corn hole sets.

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