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May 15 2014
The Magnetic Beer Coozie


Be it advances in growlers, unique bottle openers, Mini Keg Coozies, or tools that just help you black out before sunset, we here at Beer & Pig try to keep you updated on ways to improve your drinking experience. With that in mind we present the GEKO Magnetic Can Coozie.

Now you may ask yourself, when would I use such a thing? Yard work. No one enjoys it. Perhaps its why some go to the local home store and find some cheap labor to do it for them. But wouldn’t it be better if you had a little liquid refreshment while driving that riding lawn mower on a hot day? Of course, but it’s not likely your mower, tractor, or what have you has a cup holder for your brew. That’s where the Magnetic Can Coozie comes in.

Available on Amazon for $11.99 (through the Big O and Dukes Amazon tab, naturally) the product features:

“Stainless steel construction with a thick insulating liner to help keep your drink nice and frosty. The key is the heavy-duty magnet on the bottom that’ll keep the GEKO in place on any metal surface, even if you travel over bumps and up and down hills. Holds a standard 12-oz. can.”

No word on if this can handle a longneck but while longnecks and rednecks are your friend, those of us who prefer it* in the can are all set. Of course, if you’re using a riding lawn mower best practices may be to hid the kids, neighbors, and pets if you plan on drunk landscaping.


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