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May 19 2014
The Ultimate Maneuver: Mad Fox Brewing & Big O and Dukes Collaboration Beer Tapping Party

*Editor’s note: Thank you to our palls at Brew Keep, Sean Creel & Matt Van Sant, for this fabulous write-up of the Mad Fox Brewing/Big O and Dukes Show Release Event for their collaboration beer, The Maneuver in Falls Church, VA.  Check out their site at, like them on Facebook, and give them a follow on Twitter @BrewKeep.

We witnessed history on May 16, 2014. When the clock struck 9pm, The Horde got its first taste of the inaugural Big O and Dukes Show/ Mad Fox Brewing Company collaboration brew: The Maneuver.

The ultimate result of a brief Facebook message years ago (plus a tremendous amount of brainstorming and hard work in between), The Maneuver was brewed as a session-able, or low alcohol, American India Pale Ale (IPA). Being a session beer, it is a bit more approachable than the beers you might think of when you normally hear IPA. Oh, and you can drink a lot of them! And on Friday night, The Horde took full advantage.

The gracious hosts and the master artists behind The Maneuver, Mad Fox Brewing Company served up their award-winning brews and delicious pizzas as folks gathered for the event. Packed as early as 6pm, fans of the show and beer alike settled into what was going to be a long night. Enthusiasm was high as new faces and Bunker regulars intermingled in hot anticipation for the big reveal.

short-hill-mountain-boys-2Once the Big Three had settled in, it was time for some tunes. Providing the perfect soundtrack for a night like this, the Short Hill Mountain Boys  entertained the packed crowd with bluegrass tunes and the sounds of real string instruments. And then 9pm arrived.

Behind the “YES” chants and excitedly raucous crowd, Chad Dukes, Oscar Santana, and Drab T-Shirt revealed what we’d all been waiting for: The Maneuver, a name voted on by The Horde and inspired by this.

“Sexy!” That’s how Oscar Santana described it. And he wasn’t alone. It seemed like everyone in the bar was drinking The Maneuver, and for good reason. Not only is it incredibly drinkable, it is full of flavor.

Chad Dukes commented on the beer, the night, and the project as a whole: “Delicious. Great turnout. Charlie is a genius. Lucky to be involved.”

Big O and Dukes producer Drab T-Shirt echoed these sentiments: “Proud. Excellent. A great combination of what works for Mad Fox and for Big O and Dukes.”

on-stage-charlieCharlie Buettner, Mad Fox’s head brewer and the brains behind The Maneuver, praised the beer, describing its low bitterness, big hop flavor, and clean finish as elements of which he was truly proud. And these characteristics are not easy to achieve in a low-alcohol beer. Inspired by Founders Brewing’s All Day IPA, The Maneuver contains a majority Pilsner malt base rounded out by equal parts Munich Type I and Carafoam malts. To achieve big hop flavor without the typical bitterness, Charlie and his team added varying blends of Centennial and Mosaic hops throughout the boil and dry-hopped it with even more, producing primary notes of lemongrass and tropical fruit. Fermented with Mad Fox’s house ale yeast and finished unfiltered, The Maneuver pours at 4.9% ABV and IBUs in the low 30s.

Thirsty yet? So was The Horde. Luckily, we were able to preserve a few reactions from the folks in attendance:

“Sent a refreshing feeling through my body. I can drink this all day long.” – Big Rig Craig

“Drinkable. Smooth, mellow, and tasty.” – Pastry Dan

“Really tasty. Lots of hop flavor, and the medium alcohol was perfect.” – Matt Rose, Owner, Forge Brew Works

“Chewy mouthfeel, good body, and a wonderful finish.” – Trip, Whole Foods Fair Lakes

“Sensual. I could dance salsa forever to this beer.” – JC the Cheesecake

Rumor has it The Horde consumed 300 gallons of The Maneuver on its first night. If that is any indication of how The Maneuver is going to sell, we suggest heading to Mad Fox as soon as you can before the last drop is poured.

Cheers and LLTH!

Check out Mad Fox Brewing at, on Facebook, or on Twitter @MadFoxBrewing and of course you can find the Big O and Dukes show at, on Facebook, and on Twitter @BigOandDukes.

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