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Jun 2 2014
The Earth Cooler uses the Earth to cool your Beer. Complaints from Zion have gone unanswered.


Ice. It’s not just the first name of several hip hop artists.  It’s also a cold, wet substance that USED to be necessary to keep your beers cold while being outdoors.  I say USED to, because mole men be damned, the “Earth Cooler” from eCool is here to change up the paradigm.

With the ability to hold 24 cans of delicious beer, this crazy ass invention can be used outdoors  and year round.  It’s requires no electricity and stays frost-free year round.  The price tag is a stout 349 dollars, but some of us have spent more on coolers that DON’T double as a first strike weapon against the Tremors

Just imagine sitting in the backyard, cranking away! Instead of the neighbors calling the police, you would be rewarded by an earth cooled beer.  You can check out what the Earth Cooler looks like before installation on eCool’s Facebook page.   It’s a pretty wonderful idea and you wonder how many different ways humanity will develop to open beers or keep them cold.  I mean, it’s getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous.

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