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Jul 3 2014
Never Enough Hands: The Go Plate

go plate can

Editors Note: Beer & Pig reader Billy Hanley is back with another submission! This time he’s looking to help you solve the age old problem of holding your beer and stuffing your face at the same time. 

BBQs always make me wish I was Doc Ock.  I never have enough hands for everything.  It is inevitable, you are out enjoying the Beer and Pig season, the party is going full bore and as soon as you grab a beer and some food–you meet somebody new, there is nowhere to sit, your dog starts being an ass, or someone yells “hey grab me a …” but you already have both hands full with a frothy beverage and a plate of awesome.

We have all tried to balance a plate on top of a can or the much “easier” red Solo cup, but none of us are foolhardy enough to try a bottle (ribs always outweigh potato salad).  Now?  All of those beer acrobatics are a thing of the past.  The Go Plate is here to make carrying food and beer a cinch.

Go Plates are specially designed to fit over your beverage.  Measuring 10” in diameter and sectioned into 2 large and 2 small compartments, the Go Plate is designed to balance evenly on most consumer bottles, cans, 16oz and 18oz cups, and some wine glasses (you know who you are) while holding a real portion of food.  No more awkward juggling when there are no seats or feigning the urgency to get to the picnic table when you need a free hand.  The Go plate is dishwasher safe and recyclable if you don’t want to keep them around after too many uses.

Available through the The Big O and Dukes Amazon tab (search Go Plate) in mini packs of 7, small packs of 10, large packs of 21, or jumbo packs of 42, Go Plates are a must for any true Beer and Pig enthusiast.  Imagine having the uncanny ability to meet someone new, shake their hand, then stand there and eat while talking to them.  With great power comes great responsibility…… remove the plate before trying to drink.

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