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Aug 9 2014
The Beer & Pig Hogcast: 2014 OBX Trip Recap


It’s that time of year, time to recap the annual OBX vacation! ┬áIn this edition, our hosts Chad Dukes, brother Casey, Pastry Dan, Sven Lloyd, and Shaky Knee host a roundtable discussion of the 2014 Chad Dukes OBX Beach Vacation.

The gang discusses the food, the beach, the fun, oh– and the 50 things that ____ _____ did to ruin everyone else’s vacation, during which one of the biggest heel turns in Big O and Dukes history is revealed!

Have a listen, tell a friend, and Never Trust a Vegan.


One Response to “The Beer & Pig Hogcast: 2014 OBX Trip Recap”

  1. Bryan says:

    Oh god, one of the best podcasts you guys have ever done, one of Sven’s best shows ever. Also would it be fair to say the man in question’s name could be very similar to Dave Quizb?