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May 18 2015
The Bottle Keeper


Editor’s Note: Our pal and Beer & Pig reader Billy Hanley is back with another submission spotlighting a beer innovation worth your attention.

Is it secret!?!  Is it safe!?!

Glass bottles stink let’s face it.  They are heavy to clean up, they let in too much sun, you knock one off a table on accident and EVERYONE knows about it, but you can’t just go and crack open a can of Stone Ruination, or Dogfish Head 90 minute, or an ice cold DuClaw beer, you have to drink it from the bottle and to keep it cold you have to use those weird wetsuit like bottle koozies with the zipper or just pour it into the “hey look that guys drinking a beer” red plastic cup. When the sun is shining those red cups mean one thing, warm beer.  Warm beer sucks, face it England, cold beer is king.  The Bottle Keeper is the best thing to keep you bottle of beer safe and cold.

Now you might be saying, “Meh, I have plenty of koozies that work just fine.”  I am sure you do we all do, but The Bottle Keeper is a 4mm neoprene koozie inside a stainless steel container.  Why is that better?  Two reasons: 1- your average koozie is only 3 mm thick, so The Bottle Keeper will keep your beer colder; 2-we all know that brown bottles are better than green and any color glass is better than clear, because the sun kills our delicious suds, The Bottle Keeper protects your beer from the sun.

With a padded bottom, The Bottle Keeper also protects the bottle when it gets dropped or knocked over.  Let’s face it why jump through all of the bureaucratic red tape to install a pool and limit your beer selection because you know somebody is going to drop a bottle.

Illustrated_bottlekeeper3 Most of you have probably realized, much like I did, “Oh man, I can sneak beers where I am not allowed!”  The Bottle Keeper does not condone or recommend that you break the law by using it to drink a beer where you shouldn’t.  With that being said, my favorite place to drink beer is surrounded by trees while camping and there isn’t a single park ranger dumb enough to think that 10 people standing around playing stump all holding plastic cups ain’t’ drinkin’.  But they are cool enough to not give us a hard time about it.  So to me The Bottle Keeper is a way to blend in a little better, maybe that’s why it used to be called Beer Camo.

If keeping your beer safe is as important to you as keeping it cold, go to and pick one up today.  Then tweet @TheBottleKeeper and tell them your pals over at @BeerandPig sent ya.

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