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Welcome to Beer & Pig.

Your curiosity has finally not led you afoul amid the other dribble of this so-called “internet.”

It’s easy to get on the web and smash hatred through a keyboard. It’s been done. Seriously. If you don’t believe us, do a web search on anything you like, then read the teaming vitriol that “fans” and “admirers” have to offer.

Ok don’t do that! It will ruin your day.

Hailing from a wide array of East Coast Metropolis’, we’ve always had a diverse cross section of tastes and preferences. We all brought what we know to the table, and have always been unapologetic and ultimately even more curious to discover all that we do not know about Barbecue, Beer, and all of their relatives.

As a group, we are devoted to a undying positive outlook on all things falling under the enormous barbecue and beer umbrella.

We love barbecue. We love beer. We have dedicated inordinate amounts of time into recreating our favorites in both spectrum’s at home, all the while seeking out the latest and greatest in professional establishments.

What we bring to you is that journey.

The epic, the high drama, the camaraderie. We’re going to bring you along for all of our discoveries and home cooked concoctions; and the nights spent under the stars highlighted by a few pals, a great soundtrack, and a wide array of choice beers.

We love to hear about your similar experiences, and truly get great joy out of all the pictures that have been sent to us via this site and our twitter account of cookouts and special occasions. This interaction is what will continue to keep Beer and Pig so special.

Thank you for finding your way to our website, and please…

Never trust a Vegan.

– B&P Staff

Meet the
Pork Patrol

Dan Swagger

Dan Swagger

"Pastry" Dan Swagger is an enigma. In fact, he is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, tied to a bungee cord and dropped from a helicopter into a raccoon's den.

His tale starts in 1972 at the young and curious age of 28, where Daniel realized he had a natural talent for non-expression. So much so that he packed his bags, moved out of his parent's attic, flew to Europe and enrolled in Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting; "Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm."

It was during his time in Sweden that Dan met his first love, salted meats. As a purveyor of fine grilling, Dan sought travel back to the States; seeking tawdry affairs with ale and lagers, before taking on a more devout relationship with porter and stout.

Dan has since moved past his original persona of the "rolling stone" and has come to realize his true calling in bringing dignity and class to the world of pastry and fine baked desserts.

If seen in person, Dan should only be approached with great caution and a baker's dozen of crullers.

Sven Lloyd

Sven Lloyd

Originally from Bangladesh, Sven Lloyd is rumored to have snuck into this country across the Canadian border atop a three legged blind goat during the spring of 1993.

Upon entering civilized society Sven began an exhaustive search to "find himself." This then found Mr. Lloyd being dragged out of Opium dens in New Orleans all the way to the front lines of Union Worker strikes in Columbus, Ohio.

While riding the back cars of a freight train across the country towards the East Coast, it was a chance meeting with a hobo named Dusty that Sven was introduced to fine homemade pilsners and taught the intricate art of cooking by smoker.

Seeking a better life free of subterfuge and without the risk of tetanus, Sven departed from the rails eventually settling in a suburbs of our nation's Capital. Not fearing deportation he was quoted to have said "the closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm."

Moving forward, Sven has made himself known as a connoisseur of Barbecue and established his name rivaling any of the greatest consumers of pork in this known age. He has since rekindled his relationship with the three legged blind Goat.

Rob Stark

Rob Stark

Handsome is a word that is often thrown around; enter Rob Stark.

Due to many bureaucratic mix ups, and a very rough handshake deal with both the Israeli government and Scotland Yard, most of Stark's early history remains either shrouded in mystery or officially redacted.

What can be confirmed is that Rob first landed on radar about 10 years ago in a Berlin Ale Haus where a scuffle between local brewers and this proper rogue led to a hurried and impromptu departure out of country and back to America. Upon his exit he was overheard to mockingly say "if I was David Hasselhoff she would've been fine with it!"

The journey home instilled Rob with a new found sense of humility and the insatiable desire for salted pork and fine stout beers. As a leading contributor to Beer and Pig, Stark has cut a swath through many a BBQ pit, and been dragged from the finest of Atlantic breweries.

His words are taken either as pure, unequaled brilliance, or paramount idiocy and ignorance. It's unknown how long a lifestyle such as his can be maintained before special interest groups take umbrage and seek ensure his eternal silence.

Chad Dukes

Chad Dukes

Chad Dukes: the man, the taco, the visionary.

Regardless of the chosen nickname of the day, Chad has made himself known throughout the greater Washington D.C. area through multiple media outlets. But there are many wrinkles to his story that have been abstained from public record.

After several dalliances across the country (purple mountains majesty included), Dukes found a new purpose in his life: discover all the mysteries, uncovering even the slightest of subtleties that lie amid regional variations of barbecue. Chad feels if all of that can be done while drinking a beer AND holding a musket, he is fulfilling our forefather's original intent when they penned the words of the Constitution!

It is under this idea that Chad ordained himself Grand Emperor of Beer and Pig. It is under that proclamation that this site has been able to charge into the hearts of millions. The boyhood dream has come true for Chad Dukes.

There has been some scuttlebutt in regards to Dukes once being seen riding a grizzly bear into battle against the soldiers of Atlantis with nothing but a harpoon, guile and wit. However, Chad has remained uncharacteristically tight lipped when approached on the subject.