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Jul 8 2013
Lost Rhino Brewery – Celebration event for the re-release of My Imaginary Girlfriend


In a nondescript, red-brick office park in eastern Ashburn dreams are brewed, bottled, and canned at Lost Rhino Brewery. Founded more than two years ago by Matt Hagerman and Favio Garcia, Lost Rhino is a brewery determined to capture a sense of adventure with each beer.

The two spent much of their twenties planning road trips to breweries all around the country, and when the opportunity came to start their own, they jumped on it.

Lost Rhino held their monthly First Wednesday event July 3, where they unveiled one of their collaboration brews: My Imaginary Girlfriend.

This release of MIG is technically version 2.0, as this is the second year they’ve released it. General Manager Becky Jordan said that their first release last summer went so well, that they had to bring it back for a second go-round.

“Last year it sold out before we could get our T-shirts made,” Jordan said, referring to a shirt that says MIG, where the M is a Nintendo 64 controller. “We’re sort of in the midst of a wave of popularity when it comes to hoppy IPAs, so we’re excited about this one.”

MIG is a collaboration with Hop and Wine Beverage, a distributor that handles Lost Rhino. Chris Turner, senior sales manager, said the name came out of a joke, and the recipe evolved from there.


Jul 4 2013
The Beer & Pig Hogcast: Cooler-side chats with Kevin Russell of Shinyribs & the Gourds

You may be noticing a theme developing on the site; we like to chat with incredibly talented and gifted people who share a similar mindset to our own. And we try really really super hard not to gush and fall to pieces during these talks.

Unfortunately this time around we can bring you a healthy dose of the former, and just none of the latter.

Kevin Russell is a rare breed. He realized significant success in one band, but felt his own limitations…

Shinyribs is the musical wanderings of Kevin Russell from The Gourds. Russell has always been a prolific songwriter and performer. Shinyribs is the necessary out growth of this. Russell did the math over the last 18 years and figured out pretty dang quick that he would never be able to include all of his songs or even most of his songs in the shows and recordings of The Gourds. Plus he is seeking to stretch out as a performer and band leader.

We are very grateful for the insights Kevin brought us regarding his music, similar (and some not so similar) genres, the life of touring bands, as well as the Austin music scene, and so much more.

You can check out Shinyribs on their website, and on this feature page. Also follow Kev on Twitter, and check out a few of our favorite Shinyribs tracks below the cut.

… And I know what you’re thinking; we actually have yet to invite Kev to spend Thanksgiving with us. I mean, we’re going to. We’re just playing it cool for now. But a save-the-date is being fired off come Monday. Chad Dukes has even requested that one of Kevin’s songs be played as his funeral dirge. But, you know…whatevs.


Jun 26 2013
Curmudgeon Old Ale by Founders Brewing Co.

Dan Steinberg knows a thing or nineteen about blogging. He has covered all things regarding the Washington DC Sports scene (plus a Spelling Bee here or there), and has been doing so for the Washington Post since 2001.  Forget all that; this man is an innovator. During his formative years Dan spent 18 months in the Cheese department of a Whole Foods – and parlayed that into world class Cheese driven coverage & commentary from the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy. We are incredibly proud of this association! 

Sometimes I like to buy beer from Costco; because you can get 24 bottles for the price of maybe two craft beers at an awful new bar on 14th Street, and it feels good to get drunk on the cheap once in a while. This means I’m a big fan of the Taste of Mexico case, which means I’ve been drinking Sol for much of the last month.

Now, Sol might be the dingiest beer I would pay to drink. It tastes like a combination of Bud Light and pond water, with a dash of urine thrown in for good luck. But I still say it’s an appropriate beer to drink around now, when five steps during the mid-afternoon heat leave your shoulders moist and your waist damp and your brain feeling like you’ve been locked in the YMCA sauna with a few 400-pound men, a heat lamp and a box of decaying cream cheese.

The point is, summer in D.C. is a time for light and refreshing beers. But I couldn’t very well write about light and refreshing beers here. So instead I’m writing about possibly the worst D.C. summer beer of all time.


Jun 18 2013
Wilber’s Barbecue of Goldsboro, North Carolina

Will Brinson is an NFL Writer for @CBSSports@EyeOnNFL blog. However, as good as he is with the written word, Will is an even better meat eater. He’s quite the crafty veteran. The personal sacrifices this man would make to get his hands on some quality Q are astounding, and are chronicled in great detail below. Spoiler Alert: it involves subversive stealth ops. and some lies to his wife. 

My wife is rarely wrong, but as we wrapped up lunch at Wilber’s Barbecue in Goldsboro last Friday, she’d never been more right.

“There’s nothing sadder than looking down and seeing the final bite of your barbecue sandwich,” she said despondently as we prepared for the final leg of our trip to the North Carolina coast.

This is even more true when you make the trek to Wilber’s. It’s not that far away, but let’s just say that when I volunteered for this assignment, I seeded the stop with my wife a few days in advance, took a different route than I normally would to the coast and timed our departure to coincide with lunch but just before the lunch rush. I’m not insane, I’m just hungry. I swear.

Stopping at Wilber’s, inconspicuously located just on the side of 70 just west of Goldsboro proper, is one of the few requirements when cooking tires between Raleigh and Morehead City. Be warned, though — if you’re not planning on pulling over, you could blow past it without thinking twice. Parking in the summer at lunchtime isn’t just difficult, sometimes it’s dangerous: you’ve got to manage a yank off the highway, navigate a few peach stands and then actually find an open spot.



Jun 13 2013
The B&P Hogcast: Cooler-side Chats with Steven Crandall, CEO of Devils Backbone Brewery

One of our favorite Craft Beer brewers on the market is Devils Backbone – that has an enormous presence across Virginia and permeating further. From upper tier fast food joints, nice restaurants, to large festivals, the varying brews emanating from DB are consistently a favorite among consumers, let alone ourselves.

We were happy to catch up with their CEO Steve Crandall about his life in Nelson County and all things Devils Backbone. Steve really did an excellent job expounding on the mentality, and mission statements behind the Devils Backbone model.

On the brew model itself, Devils Backbone Brewmaster Jason Oliver expanded on some of his thoughts on incorporating other styles into their mixes, and what is up and coming.

My fathers side of the family come from Wales and northern England so I naturally feel an affinity for the UK.  But I also feel an affinity for the beer. My first brewing job was at the Wharf Rat / Oliver’s Breweries ltd in Baltimore and we brewed exclusively English-style ales using an English brewing system with open fermentation, the notorious Ringwood yeast, and English malt & hops. Much of my career had been specifically focused on Germanic brewing so it is nice to come back to ones roots.  Expect to see the American Amber Ale I brewed with Adnams to be re-brewed at Basecamp as well as other UK inspired ales.  Also, upon my return DB will start it’s cask ale program. 

Wondering where that catchy name came from? Interesting story that Steve said we were absolutely not allowed to speak about on-air. Apparently, the land where the brewery was built upon was the staging ground for a rather acute military battle that took place during the mid ’80’s. I can’t say too much more, but it involved guitars and Ralph Macchio. I’m just saying what Steve told us in confidence! I am not sure I believe him either, but I certainly am not willing to call the man out on this. 

Check out their website and follow Devils Backbone on Twitter.