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May 17 2014
The Beer Blizzard

Editors Note: Our pal and Beer & Pig reader Billy Hanley is back with another innovation in keeping your beer nice and cold. Check out his previous article on Jalapeno Poppers HERE . Enjoy!

Since the dawn of time or at least since the first beer was brewed man has tried different ways to keep it cold as he sipped it on a hot day. The coozie was the greatest way to keep your frothy elixir cold for a short period of time until now.

Introducing the Beer Blizzard, a reusable ice cube molded to fit on the bottom of your can or bottle. According to the company when placed at the bottom of any beer coozie or used alone as a coaster, your beer will actually get colder as you drink it. Beer Blizzards on average work throughout three beers icy cold before needing to be refrozen.

Costing much less than previous products with similar claims the BeerBlizzard can be purchased currently through a Kickstarter Campaign until Monday, Jun 9 2014 10:48 AM EDT . The best part is they will fit in your Beer&Pig coozies.

Rewards range from $13(after shipping) for 3 Beer Blizzard cubes and a coozie, $25(after shipping) for 6 Beer Blizzard cubes, 2 coozies, and 1 Beer Blizzard T-Shirt size XL (they know the truth), to more expensive sets with cooler bags, stadium chairs corn hole sets.

May 15 2014
The Magnetic Beer Coozie


Be it advances in growlers, unique bottle openers, Mini Keg Coozies, or tools that just help you black out before sunset, we here at Beer & Pig try to keep you updated on ways to improve your drinking experience. With that in mind we present the GEKO Magnetic Can Coozie.

Now you may ask yourself, when would I use such a thing? Yard work. No one enjoys it. Perhaps its why some go to the local home store and find some cheap labor to do it for them. But wouldn’t it be better if you had a little liquid refreshment while driving that riding lawn mower on a hot day? Of course, but it’s not likely your mower, tractor, or what have you has a cup holder for your brew. That’s where the Magnetic Can Coozie comes in.

Available on Amazon for $11.99 (through the Big O and Dukes Amazon tab, naturally) the product features:

“Stainless steel construction with a thick insulating liner to help keep your drink nice and frosty. The key is the heavy-duty magnet on the bottom that’ll keep the GEKO in place on any metal surface, even if you travel over bumps and up and down hills. Holds a standard 12-oz. can.”

No word on if this can handle a longneck but while longnecks and rednecks are your friend, those of us who prefer it* in the can are all set. Of course, if you’re using a riding lawn mower best practices may be to hid the kids, neighbors, and pets if you plan on drunk landscaping.


Dec 18 2013
Mini Keg Coozies! Beer Inside Kegs!

HT: FoodBeast

Coozies! They keep your hand warm and your beer cold.  What’s not to like?  Of course, we are partial to THESE coozies, but  mini keg coozies bring a new spin to an old favorite.  Although 12 bucks seems a little steep, these would must assuredly please any alcoholic on your late Christmas gift list.  Described as thusly from their amazon page:

Can Koozies Set of 2 – Kegzie Beer Keg Holder for Your Aluminum Soda Pop Can Chiller – Great Gift Item or Stocking Stuffer – Sturdy Foam Insulated Outdoor Beverage Cooler Sleeve Great for Tiny Kegger Party Drinks

TINY KEGGER PARTIES!  Man. I wonder if that means they include tiny bro-doggs punching each other silly while tiny college girls are given GHB upstairs by the tiny bro-doggs fraternity brothers?! Turn on the tiny foam machine, bro!  Anyhoo, buy your own set of Mini Keg Coozies HERE.

HT: FoodBeast.

Dec 16 2013
Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale by Wells & Young’s Brewery

The holidays are upon us, and with that comes an over abundance of flavored offerings. Gingerbread scented condoms, candy cane infused ketchup, red velvet organic deodorants, and egg nog oak-aged muscle relaxers are a few that come to mind.  There is literally no escaping it.  I am not complaining, just making a point.  So, embrace it.

Even beers get this enrichment treatment, and of course I want to try em’ all.  I want them to be inside me and I want to be inside them.  So, when this time of year comes, I put on my tightest undergarments and jog the 6 miles to my favorite booze store (Honeygo Wine and Spirits) to peruse their stock.  Christmas Ale this.  Snowflake Porter that.  Seemingly the same stuff any of us would have come to expect.  When up on the shelf, a 4-pack sparked such a chatter, I pushed my way through to see what was the matter!  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, words like “Pudding” and “Toffee” splattered across this label of beer!  Merry drinking to me, and to me it would be a good night!

Yes, this isn’t exactly a “holiday” seasonal offering, but it was nestled amongst a barrage of labels featuring Santa Claus and elves, so its differentiation is what grabbed the immediate attention of my retinas.  Plus, I was familiar with Wells & Young’s and whether you realize it or not, you are too.  Their most popular variety being that of their Banana Bread Beer, which people seem to either love or hate.  Also, the very first “flavored” beer I had when I was a young, smooth boy of 3, the Double Chocolate Stout, was a thing that dreams were made of.  Needless to say, Wells & Young’s know a thing or two about making beer synonymous with dessert, so their new “Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale” should fit right in with the rest of the family!  Shouldn’t it?


Nov 29 2013
A New Tool for the Working Man: Milwaukee Tools Bottle Opener and Wire Stripper


Milwaukee is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy duty tools on the market. Screwdrivers, drills, saws, rotary hammers; you name a tool, Milwaukee manufactures it. (Fun fact: it’s actually pronounced “mill-e-wah-que” which is Algonquin for “the good land.”)

Now, Milwaukee Tools has created another tool for your tool box that is both useful for your contracted work or that job around the house as well as the moment that 5 o’clock whistle hits or the job is over.

Presenting the Milwaukee Bottle Opener and Wire Stripper.

With a “Cushion-Grip” handle this bottle opener has the same look and design as a traditional screwdriver. Touting an ergonomic design, the handle resists slippage and helps you pop those tops quickly and easily. With a hole for hanging with your other tools and the helpful “Tip-Ident” cap on the top of the handle this opener should fit seamlessly into your truck box, tool box, belt, or shed.

For those not sold on the bottle opener in the tool box, this item also features a built-in wire stripper that strips up to 10-gauge wire.

Get yours today over at (only 14 left!) or wherever Milwaukee Tools are sold.