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Jun 17 2013
If you can’t rub it, then soak it: A Pork Bath

Burgers, dogs, sausages, brats, chicken and steak; what do they all have in common?

Aside from all being things I curiously found in the front of my pants after waking up from a blackout on the kitchen table while my wife judgmentally shakes her head at me while making my child’s breakfast; they are your grilling mainstays.

When you decide to fire up the Weber, its almost a guarantee that one of those items will be aiding in your carnivorous desire. Nothing wrong with that at all. Hell, I’d eat one of each right now as an appetizer. But I have one question: where are the pork chops? Why the hell aren’t YOU grilling more pork chops?

I’ll tell you why…you have no idea how to prep and flavor them, and you’re panicking.

You’re scared; a timid baby bird just looking for your wings. Well, I want you to nestle up to Pappy Crane because I am going to whisk you off your feet and carry you to a land of pork chop pleasure. A place where you can happily and confidently prep, frolic, hug and cook a juicy hog chop.



Jan 16 2013
La Fiesta De Salchica

Amigos! La Fiesta De Salchica is just days away!

Join the LCH at 2:00 Pm THIS Saturday (2/2/13) at Haute Dogs & Fries in Purceville, VA for a celebration of gluttony, as we profess our love for all things sausage while simultaneously spewing hatred for all things vegetable.

Remember…We took the Hot Dog, now we take the chorizo. You tell the Vegans we’re gonna paint Virginia with their mustard. Two coats! We’ll festoon our bedchambers with their relish.

Jan 9 2013
Los Chorizos Hermanos

How does one describe how their family came to be?

How does a man tell the story of his people?

How does one sing you the song of his forefathers, the way his forefathers intended?

Maybe the words of another, wiser man are the best way to convey the magnitude that is the inception of Los Chorizos Hermanos. Our story starts where most delicious stories do: South of the Border.

A generation ago, a stone tablet was found buried deep in the hills of Juarez, Mexico.  The people of that village spoke in hushed tones that this tablet foretold the coming of the most powerful unification of men this side of the Rio Grande.  A group that would contradict itself by inspiring fear & hope in the hearts of La Raza. The following is an excerpt from that sacred document:

“Okay, here’s the story. We come from the gutter. We know that. We got no education… but that’s okay. We know the street, and we’re making all the right connections. With the right Chorizo, there’s no stopping us. We could go right to the top.”

And so, Los Chorizos Hermanos came to be.  A force the world had never seen and would never seen again.  A tightly knit group of brothers obsessed with one purpose.  One common goal.  A singular reason for being. The consumption of spicy sausage and the shaming of those that don’t.

LCH will take you in. LCH will be your family, but don’t eat a salad in front of them.  Don’t unwrap a cucumber sandwich in front of them.  Don’t confuse kindness with weakness.

If you have a passion for the zestier things in life?  If you think a hot dog stand is as close to “El Cielo” that mortal man can get in this world? Stand with Los Chorizos Hermanos.  Stand for something, or fall for anything.  Estamos Los Chorizos Hermanos and this is our story…

To join the struggle, click here.

Jun 22 2012
Chicken, Sausage, & Tasso Cajun Jambalaya


I’m sure all of the recipes I provide will be full of phrases that I simply cannot avoid. Some people refer to them as a verbal/writers crutch, others can simply recognize a quality catch phrase worthy of printing on a coozie. I can say for certain that “One of my favorite meals from back home is…” will make multiple appearances over my tenure on B&P. So, without further adieu and minimal French…

One of my favorite meals from back home is Jambalaya. What I enjoy the most about Jambalaya is how differently it can taste from one crazy Cajun’s house to another. I’m going to let you in on the way Big Rig’s family does Jambalaya. You’re cookin’ with Big Rig (trademark pending).

Jambalaya is a Cajun one-pot meal deriving from combined French and Spanish cultures. It consists of 3 main parts: meat/vegetables, stock, and rice. Normally the meat selection in a Jambalaya is just chicken and sausage, but clearly that’s not enough for you and it’s definitely not enough for Big Rig. We are adding pork tasso(more…)

Jun 15 2012
Ham Mac & Cheese

In every great meal, you’ll find a great side.  When given a choice of sides, it’s hard to pass up Mac & Cheese.  A great batch of Mac & Cheese can take your meal to the next level, but a bad batch of Mac…well who are we kidding?  It’s still better than most things.  I mean have you ever NOT finished the Mac & Cheese on your plate?  I’ve had some pretty lackluster Mac & Cheese, but you know what?  I still scrape the fork on the plate to get every last morsel into my pie-hole.

Most accounts trace the origins of the dish back to the late 18th century when, during the signing of the Declaration of Independence, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Wright Brothers, Vince Lombardi and Willie Nelson came up with the idea to combine cheese and pasta, forever changing the political landscape of the world.  It’s ALL-AMERICAN, is what I’m getting at here.   It goes wonderfully with Thanksgiving Dinner, BBQ, an old shoe, etc., and can even stand alone.

Below I’ll lay out a recipe for a style of Mac & Cheese that is by no means revolutionary.  Over time, I’ve tried out a few recipes, modified, adapted, and played to my own preferences to come up with a recipe that is somewhat unique, but most importantly, full of flavor.  Wait, do I sound like I worked hard to come up with this recipe?  I mean I was just constantly eating Mac & Cheese.   If that’s the rest of my life, I should be so lucky.