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Jun 13 2014
The Beer & Pig Hogcast: Wrinkle Neck Mules

In this edition of the Hogcast, our host Chad Dukes is joined by his brother Casey Dukes, to discuss music with instruments and a particular band of note– Wrinkle Neck Mules.

Presented within, the Brothers Dukes picked 10 of their favorite Wrinkle Neck Mules tunes (5 each), discuss their mutal love of the Richmond, VA band, and interview lead singer Andy Andy Stepanian.

Check out Wrinkle Neck Mules at their website, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Have a listen, tell a friend, and Never Trust a Vegan.

Jun 2 2014
The Earth Cooler uses the Earth to cool your Beer. Complaints from Zion have gone unanswered.


Ice. It’s not just the first name of several hip hop artists.  It’s also a cold, wet substance that USED to be necessary to keep your beers cold while being outdoors.  I say USED to, because mole men be damned, the “Earth Cooler” from eCool is here to change up the paradigm.

With the ability to hold 24 cans of delicious beer, this crazy ass invention can be used outdoors  and year round.  It’s requires no electricity and stays frost-free year round.  The price tag is a stout 349 dollars, but some of us have spent more on coolers that DON’T double as a first strike weapon against the Tremors

Just imagine sitting in the backyard, cranking away! Instead of the neighbors calling the police, you would be rewarded by an earth cooled beer.  You can check out what the Earth Cooler looks like before installation on eCool’s Facebook page.   It’s a pretty wonderful idea and you wonder how many different ways humanity will develop to open beers or keep them cold.  I mean, it’s getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous.

By your own Earth Cooler HERE,  Like them on Facebook HERE  and Follow Beer & Pig on Twitter HERE

May 29 2014
The Wandering Pelican: A Cigar City & Great Lakes Collaboration











Editors Note: Thanks to Beer & Pig reader Billy Hanley for submitting this article with all the info on Cigar City & Great Lakes’ collaboration brew.  If you’re in Ohio & Florida they definitely seem worth your time.  Enjoy! 

In a press release back on April 18th, Cigar City Brewing and Great Lakes Brewing Company announced that they would be working on a collaboration beer set called Wandering Pelican. Cigar City Brewmaster Wayne Wambles was in Ohio the week of April 14th to start work on the Wandering Pelican Black Lager.  Great Lakes brewmasters  traveled to Tampa the week of April 21st to begin collaboration on Wandering Pelican Black Ale.

Well, the wait is over.  On May 19th, Cigar City released the Wandering Pelican Black Ale in 12oz cans, to limited distribution in Florida.  Portions of release party proceeds will go to benefit the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Then on May 20th, Great Lakes Brewing Company released Wandering Pelican Black Ale in 22oz bottles, available in the GLBC gift shop only with a limited amount on draft throughout GLBC’s market.  Hopefully we see one keg make its way down here, but a road trip may be in order.

When asked about the name the press release states:  “The name Wandering Pelican pays homage to a Brown Pelican who made the journey from Florida to Ohio’s Lake Erie Coast during the summer of 2013.  Swapping saltwater for fresh, feeding on shad instead of mullet, this welcome stranger made Lake Erie his home for several months and became an unlikely local celebrity.  Both of these beers will honor our courageous friend who wandered off the beaten path to find his home.”

Throughout all of the Cigar City collaborations: New Belgium, Coronado, Widmer Brothers, AleSmith, and probably a few others I never even knew about, I can safely say I am most excited for this team up.

May 27 2014
Reader Submission: Now You Can Cook EVERYTHING on the Grill

Stok Quattro pizza _ skillet

Editors Note: Disappointed with your grill after the Memorial Day Holiday?  If you’re looking to upgrade, Beer & Pig reader Billy Hanley has submitted this article on a sweet grill that you may want to consider. Enjoy! 

Grilling season, also known as Beer & Pig season, is here and as the days get longer cooking outside is more and more of a must.  If you are like me you have been yelled at many times for using pans or other cook wear on the grill. However, if I am cooking steak and eggs letting one get cold while the other cooks is not an option, and I am not running back and forth.  Finally the geniuses at STōK have come to the rescue.

The STōK Quattro is a four burner grill with interchangeable grill inserts.  The grill insert system allows you to change half of your grill into a skillet, smoker/infuser, & kabob & rib rack.  They even have a chicken roaster insert that you can fill with The Maneuver and make your chicken taste the way it was intended to taste all these years.

Go to the site and check out the Quattro and the full line of inserts so you never have to go back inside and cook while grilling ever again.  Then go to The Big O and Dukes Amazon tab order one and have it delivered to your door.

May 21 2014
This is a Backpack Cooler Chair. All other chairs deemed irrelevant.

backpack_cooler_chairSitting.  It’s better than standing.  And you never know when you’ll be standing and realize that it would be better to take a seat.  With hundreds of crappy, portable chairs available at every sporting goods or beach shop, one has to be careful one is not buying a chair that is incapable of also enabling your drinking problem.  Enter this beauty to the right.

With a detachable cooler that holds up to 24 cold, adult beverages, flip out table with beverage holder with a padded seat & back for your fat ass, THIS chair has all of your vices covered.

While your dumbass friend is snapping 20-dollar beach chair after 20-dollar beach chair, you’ll be comfortably sitting and binge drinking at your favorite beach or camping location.

You can purchase your backpack cooler chair on Hammacher’s website.  At 140 clams, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but you’ll be drunk & lazy on the beach.  You can’t put a price on that now, can you?  While you’re on the site, you might as well pick up a flying bicycle or a fire-breathing dragon.  Summer is only here for so long.